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How Music Distribution Works and Best Company

In this video and article, I cover how music distribution works and the music distribution company I recommend.

Music distribution takes the final files of your songs, instrumentals, or acapella from your computer to music outlets. This is done through a music distribution company, also known as an aggregator, which acts as a middleman to provide the service of uploading your files for the music to be distributed to digital outlets for people worldwide.

As an independent artist, making direct deals with companies like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and Deezer cannot be easy. This is where a music distribution company comes in. They have the leverage to make these deals on your behalf, making it possible for your music to be available on these platforms.

To distribute your music, you will need the final files of your songs or instrumentals, as well as cover art that meets the standards of the music outlets. Most outlets require a 3,000 by 3,000-pixel dimension for the cover art.

The company that I recommend for music distribution is illustrate Music. They provide a premium music distribution service with a one-fee to upload music all year, similar to DistroKid. They also have publishing partnerships with Songtrust, which is essential if you plan to earn any publishing royalties. Additionally, the website and upload process are straightforward to use.

In summary, music distribution is an essential aspect of the music industry for independent artists. It makes it possible for your music to be available on popular digital music outlets, and a music distribution company acts as a middleman to provide this service. I recommend using illustrate Music for their premium music distribution service and their partnerships with Songtrust for publishing royalties.

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